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Welcome to bluecandypop, a graphics journal for kitty_catline! She'll place all of her little lovelies here if she ever gets enough time, so stick around for a bit. ;] Icons, wallpapers, graphics in general, and even fst (fanmixes) can be found here... Eventually!

The community was named after one of Catline's favorite songs ever: CANDY POP by Heartsdales feat. SOUL'd OUT. :3 Check it out! The "blue" part is just because it's her favorite color~
There isn't much to it- just follow these rules and we'll be good to go! ;]
1: No hotlinking!
2: Please credit me at either bluecandypop or kitty_catline if you use. :3
3: Comment is you use or take. :D Makes me happy.
4: Affiliates and members are always welcome!
Catline is just your average lj-using anime fan who, like most others, has finally made herself a graphics journal. She has way too many fandoms, but a few of her top favorites are Naruto, Death note, Pokemon, Shugo Chara!, Munto, and the Tales of videogame series.. You can visit her at her personal lj, kitty_catline. :3

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